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Aug 20, 2005
Jackson, ms
I told a few at the meeting last night, but for those of you who weren't there.

My band, Eminent Breakdown Band, is playing friday night at the crawdad hole. We will start around 7:30 and play till 10 or so. The crawdad hole is on the left as you turn into the parking lot that we have our meetings.

we play reggae/rock/soul music. Come check it out is you like crawfish! they are gettin good.

check out our myspace if you ain't scared of online predators! :flipoff2:

oh and i got to thinking if ya'll are looking for a good band for that crawl in october the mayhem string band would be perfect for the cruiser crowd . these guys are my good friends and play some crazy drunken bluegrass.
they play in jackson every once in a while.
PM me about the cost of that (or your) band. We will waive your registration fee if you can talk your buddies into coming over to play (for free).

hwgates-now think your band could perform infront of Toyota & the whole Cruiser Crawl know this means a bunch of drunk red necks saying "play some Skynard" as the regge jams.:bounce: :bounce2:
i don't think MY band would be best suited for that crowd...

but the Mayhem string band would...i'm telling you these guys are crazy...they generrally end the show by throwing up all the yegermeister they drank on stage.... They play good bluegrass...I play drums with them when it is a rowdy show, but typically they are acoustic.

And they don't play for free...sorry, especially somewhere that far away for the center of the universe....I speak of Oxford of course.
hwgates-Look any band is better than no band.

Don't let the Skynard comment worry you-evryone will enjoy any live music!
KOWBOY said:
Otherwise we gotta listen to Bodean sing his one song over and over. :eek:


Oh, I've got more in my song bank! I'm not singing the same song next year! I'm gonna do "The Ride" by DAC. Should be interesting. :grinpimp:
"hwgates-Look any band is better than no band.

Don't let the Skynard comment worry you-evryone will enjoy any live music!"

All good here. I have been playing music live for over 10 years now, and at 90% of the shows someone yell's "play some skynard", or "freebird!" no ,matter what kind of music we are playing.
...i am sure i could talk my band into doing it...but i think the mayhem would really fit in.

But I hope to see some of ya'll out there tonight if you can!!

Nice to know there are other Cruiserheads that are musicians too.
Pretty wierd:
One of the 5 bands I'm working in right now is called "The Fried Crawdaddies!"
I'm a bass player and singer, primarily playing upright in Jazz, Blues, and R&B type things, but still play electric in a couple of rock outfits too...

OK Chef, your up on stage next year at the R/U!

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