Crap strapped to your head - old guys, anyone tried these? (headlamp and glasses x2)

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Jun 17, 2005
Whether cruiser, or house repairs, seems I always have safety glasses and a head lamp strapped to my head. After cataract surgery, I ditched the contacts, but I'm back to reading glasses either falling out of pockets or dangling around my neck. Trying to manage all this junk on my head is cumbersome. I saw these on Amazon, and wonder if anyone's tried them? If not, I'm picking up a pair. Even during daytime I benefit from the headlamp while under the cruiser, in the engine bay, or under the dash, and now I'd be able to RTFM w/o switching out glasses! BTW, they make them w/o prescription readers, too.

Get some!
I can see my self using those while working the lathe. BTW they would need to be bi-focal. hahah
Ordered! Will update in a few weeks
There are also those LEDs that fit on a cap bill... Never tried them though.

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