Crabs Flats

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Mar 20, 2009
Partlow, VA
Last minute travel plans, the :princess: and I are heading out to Big Bear Sun-Wed camping out at Crab Flats. If anyone is up in the area feel free to stop by. We'll be exploring solo so probably nothing too crazy.

Hope everyone is having a safe and cool weekend. :beer:
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Hey just an FYI we were out there about 3 weeks ago and the whole campsite was a ghost town. No host or anything. Not a soul in site. Kids didn't want to stay there so we went to north shore instead. Just letting you know what's out that way.
I hope there isn't many folks out during the week. Kind of the point of getting out of town.
Just reporting back that it was a great getaway trip. No one else at Crab Flats. Had the whole place to ourselves.

Not a lot of traffic out on the roads. Did the normal places since it was the :princess: first time out there... 3n16, 3n14, 3n17, 2n06x, 3n69... There's still water in Deep Creek crossing before the camp ground. But I didn't hit any others.

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