Cove Clean Up ride Mar. 7

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not quite, but might have some permafrost and icebergs to watch out for and a few polar bears that migrated down here due to the cold weather up north
How far in on the road do you have to go before there are "approved" camp sites? Are there restrictions to accessing the road?
event was cancelled. A few of us are heading to chocco this weekend if interested.
thanks, can't get out this weekend. Wish I could. My cruiser is down for a new tub.

Any more info you can share on the cove though? Feel free to PM if that is best.
BTW, I am also in cumming.
best way to find info is to tag along for a ride, it's nothing established and no "approved" camping. One of those "if you're not local stay out" places if you follow my meaning.

I'm outta here, gotta pull together my crap for Chocco.
Good deal. thanks for the info

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