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Jan 16, 2003
So as I was saying this past weekend that the 55 was having a sort of cooling issue. Well as seen in the photos below you will gain a little insight as to what might have started causing the problems. I went to remove the radiator for a recore and refresh tomorrow and then moved on to the common problem heat riser plate. Those of you who have a later model cruiser should be aware of the issue that is often a problem. Well after splitting the intake and exhaust manifold a few weeks back to replace the gaskets for the heat riser plate I noticed a strange look to the plate, well the other pictures should show the issue, the plate had come off of the shaft and was just opening and closing without the plate.

Another issue with this contraption is that the bushing around the shaft over time begin to wear away and cause an exhaust leak, much more obvious after the new exhaust last thursday, so while in the engine bay I figured I would tear into this as well. Gonna make a aluminum block off plate and bolts with copper washers to seal the shaft holes on the exhaust manifild.

Cooling issues, well I had read several posts regarding removing the thermostat housing and to my luck I had the same issue, back bolt broke off, but not a terrible problem as a portion still exists sticking up out of the lower housing. Most interesting part though is the fact that the housing is filled with a gel like crap and blocking 60% of the flow of fluid. Going to get this cleaned up and hope to have the radiator and thermostat issues fixed by Thursday along with the exhaust/intake issues.

This will put me on track to install the new oil pan gasket, rear main seal, and clutch over the weekend if everything arrives in time.
So that's what happens to anti-freeze after 30+ years. Yikes!
Way to dig Greg.

Both the bolt and riser are very common in these old things.
Looks like something Old Greg would have... A scaly heat riser. Now the 55 will get to come next time, right?
If all pans out, yes. I should have it back up and running by the end of the weekend, she's all torn down right now. Dropped the radiator off this morning for a good once over and repair. Picked up the parts for the oil pan, rear main, just have to decide on a clutch and get it shipped.
Did you pop open that petcock on the side of the block also and drain the block back there to get rid of any crud ?
Just hate to see you do all the work to dislodge something later on and it stop up a line / rad .
Trust me, I've learned my lesson in the past about being impatient and not checking everything. This project as a whole I am planning to take my time even though it won't be a full restoration.

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