Coolant Leak in my 80

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Sep 8, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
Well as the title says i had a coolant leak. It turned out to be the upper lower hose...:crybaby:. That is the hose underneath the AC compressor and the compressor bracket. :mad: I had to remove the powersteering pump, unbolt the ac compressor and move it to the side and remove the AC support bracket! PIA... I also had the fan and the raditor shroud off too. While I was in there I changed out every hose I could find on the front of the engine.

I ordered a rebuild kit for the PS pump and I am going to rebuild it tonight. I also found out my AC hose from the condensor to the AC compressor was bad. I am going to replace that and get my system recharged this weekend. It wasn't out of freon yet but it is now...:mad:

So that has been my project this weekend and is still on going. :rolleyes:

I wouldn't want to have that hose fail on the trail!

When I get done I ill have a newly hosed cooling system and a rebuilt PS pump.

Did that last year on my 62 when my water pump failed. I also swapped out both damaged fenders, 1 mutilated wheel well, the radiator core support, and the hood. So while I had the front end off, I replaced every single rubber hose, and every single steel line that needed to be changed. She barely rises in temp above the first idiot gauge line now.:cool:

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