Conventional swaybar vs KDSS test

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This guy has geeked out so hard, he's come full circle and is gangsta.

Curiously, the 2010+ 120-series KDSS (4Runner and GX) has a slightly more sophisticated form of KDSS than the 200-series. Where the 200-series is completely mechanical and is always engaged in lean and open in twist, the 120-series has an electronically controlled valve that can fully disengage the sway bars to both lean and twist under 12MPH. An aftermarket hack is available to continue to disengage it over 12MPH for things like washboard running.

The 300-series takes KDSS one step further with e-kdss. That can gives more electronic control over when to engage and disengage sway bars, front vs rear independently.
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Stock to 3 its great … if you want bigger its a hinderance . I have it on my 2020 Heritage but on my 2022 4runner TRD pro and you don’t miss it , I have had it on other 4runners and it just got in the way if you intend on doing any major modifications .
And in the LC 200 its worst , most guys want to run 34’s or 35’sor bigger and it just gets in the way IMO
Yeah, at least with my stock suspension, i have been VERY impress with KDSS off-road (and on-road). At least for stock, KDSS is truly best of both worlds.

I disagree with Teckis300, i prefer less electronics in something that is gear for off-roading. And as long as KDSS in LC provides amazing articulation, then even better without electronics!
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