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Aug 9, 2012
Western MA
I'm at the stage in my project that I'm finishing up some body work and getting ready for paint: just ordered some single stage paint at NAPA in Toyota 854!

But, I'm unsure where to go with primer, and am a bit confused by the options. Not sure which approach is best for my truck. (I have read through "Painting / Finishing 101" by @copasspupil.)

The amby doors, sides, aprons, and fenders have all been sanded down or sand blasted. I used Eastwood's Fast Etch on any bare metal, followed the directions, and then applied two thin and one medium coat of Duplicolor Filler primer. I started with the Duplicolor primer due to the convenience of the spray cans, and got a good price on a bunch of cans. This allowed my dad and I to chip away at one panel at a time without having to mix a batch of epoxy primer.


Pics of some panels and progress on the rear quarters we replaced.


amby door primed 1.jpg

Fenders and bib after I sand blasted, cleaned and primed.

IMG_6570 Large.jpeg

IMG_6571 Large.jpeg

Rear quarter panels (and sill) replaced and getting smoothed out with Evercoat body filler, and my old man looking happy!


The paint guy at NAPA was really helpful, and was encouraging me to use epoxy primer before painting. The TDS sheet for the Crossfire brand paint I bought stipulates I use a Crossfire primer before spraying color (I'm sure most brands suggest the same.)

I'm not sure where to go from here given where I'm at in the project.

• Can I spray an epoxy primer over the Dupicolor filler primer I've used? That, in my mind, would be the ideal solution since I have so many panels already primed with that product.
• Is there a different approach I could use with the Duplicolor primer, like applying a sealer to everything, then spraying some two part primer?
• Other suggestions or things I'm missing entirely?

Our plan is to the tub / body and the fenders and front-end panels done first so I can drive the truck a bit this summer, and then work shoot color on the remaining panels, and reassemble all when done. I've already repaired and repainted the hard top.

I appreciate any help!

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