For Sale Completely parted out 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Aug 13, 2013
My little brother had a 97 Land Cruiser that was killed by a careless driver running a red light. It was a roll over accident so the body was totaled, but almost everything else is okay. He has spent about a month parting it out. He is having a garage sale Saturday August 17th in the Salt Lake City area. If you need a part he will most likely have it.

Details can be found here'

The Duratracs are 35s, just for clarification.
driver rear brake lens? windshield wiper cap?

sounds like the LC was killed and not your brother, hopefully?

would there be an intact driver's brake lens?
how about a cap that goes over the screw that holds on the windshield wiper?
last but not least - i'm looking for an original radio/cd/casette player with all components working for a 1997 landcruiser.

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