For Sale Complete 1988 3FE

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Nov 2, 2015
In 2016, I purchased and resurrected an abandoned FJ62 that became my daily driver until last month. After the initial time spent bringing the truck up to serviceable condition, it was practically maintenance free and made trips all over the southeast with relative ease. Unfortunately, my head gasket failed last month with an estimated 290k on the odometer (speedo cable broke a while back and i never got around to it), and I am pulling the 3FE in favor of an LS.

I do not really have any history prior to my acquisition. I can say that the engine received a thorough initial base lining including but not limited to a full desmog, radiator, thermostat, water pump, plugs, wires, injectors, injector pigtails, fuel pressure regulator, belts, idlers, fan clutch, hoses, coolant temp senders, oil pan reseal, and valve adjustment. From the fall of 2016 to present, I have not really had to do much more than oil changes.

Last month, i noticed it was running warm on the way to work. I checked levels and found fluid mixing. I parked it and pulled the drive train, here we are.

This is a one stop shop for your 2fe swap.
-Tstat housing
-Engine wiring harness (I found one or two damaged connectors while removing, but everything worked for years with no CEL.)
-Any required accessory bracketry
-Fuel rail and injectors
-02 sensors and flanges

Plus whatever I am forgetting.

I will ship it. I will separate the head from the block and palletize everything to potentially save on shipping. I could also send it as a complete 3fe. I have some videos of it's final short drive that I can send.

$900 OBO located in Memphis TN.



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when you say 2fe swap do you mean putting that head on a 2f?
Bump. OBO = make me an offer :beer:
Still available. Still OBO
Price updated.
Bump. 1100 or make an offer.
Bump again!
Bump. I need this out of my way. Make an offer.
900 before I start to part this thing out/throw stuff away.

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