Compatible part? - Crossover elbow on 3B

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Dec 15, 2004
Folsom, CA

Went to play in the snow in the 70 today and when driving home I noticed my turbo sounded louder. Poped the hood and noticed a crack in the rubber elbow that connects the cross-over to the intake plenum. No big deal except I have to drive 1400 miles next week to bring this up to Wayne for my 1HZ swap. Does anyone know if there is US part (maybe from another motor) that would fit here? Or does anyone have one of these they could Fed-Ex me on Monday?

The part number is 17881-58090 but I can't find it in my price book. The part is shared with BJ60's.

May be source an aftermarket elbow from a turbo shop? How about this one?


from this eBay auction, or do a search for "turbo elbow" there.

I know the blue color is too "ricer" :rolleyes:

I agree finding a silicone elbow is your best bet. If you need mine I'll send it to you but shipping would be as much or more than that silicon hose. My truck isn't going anywhere anytime soon and it'll just come back to me with some other things... :)
agreed....I'll just make this one work with some duct tape or buy a ricer elbow tomorrow....thx guys
Just do the cheap fix, go to a exhaust shop and get a elbow in your diameter, hold together with two pieces of hose, should work.
who knew fed ex would only be $7.80... :) A 2.25 90* bend silicon hose elbow is like $60 some jr bacon cheesburgers ;)

He did mention that with the boost pressure the oem hose doesn't hold up. I'm trying to find a pic of the replacement michael did.

Michael? you out there?

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