Coastal Cruiser Meeting Thursday, April 12

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Jan 19, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
CC monthly meeting coming up Thursday, April 12. Usual dinner at the Spike 6:00 pm and meeting starts 7:45 - 8:00.
-Cruiser Days prep. We do have Deas Island Park for this function, now the important thing is to get the word out and advertise. That was our major weakness last year, not enough advertising. Got to push this hard.
-Tall stories about the April 1 wheeling trip.
-Planning for April scavenger hunt?
-Planning for the May long weekend camping trip to Big Bar, China Head and environs.
-Possible visit from 4WDABC president Steve Dillen re their activities and renewed organization. Possible discussion of the forthcoming B.C. "Mud Boggers" legislation drawn up by the B.C. government and due for implimentation later in May.
-CC dues overdue for several members. We know where you live!
-I have two March/April Toyotal Trails magazine for any new CC members.
-Demonstration of naked pole dancing by redhead strippers.
-Other business and any new members.
I'll have to miss this one, the commute is too long from Central America!
but its warm there;)

What's it like up north? Here it's been sunny all day and I've been in shorts. Yesterday the drive from the border was hot and humid. Tapachula, the Mexican border town with Guatemala was really hot and humid on Friday. Thank goodness I've got A/C in the '60 and the A/C in the '55 will be made operational while I am here. The A/C had a steady stream of condensation out of it.
My wife thinks I'm a terrific dancer! My fav is the Horizontal Bop; been doing it for years. Practice makes perfect!
Now you've gone and hurt the girls' feelings and they're not coming; see what you did?
cruiser_guy: its spring in Vancouver, the best time of the year here. My tulips are coming out and the rhubarb will be ready for a pie next week. I'm already cutting the grass and planting bedding plants. Wish you were here.
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If the girls arn't coming, were still looking for a naked Pole dancer. Maricin or Matt, can you stand in as naked Poles?
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why redheads anything but please!
Had a bad experience with redheads? They can be headstrong and Alpha A female dominant.
Personally, I like blondes....
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yes i did, a long story haha it just about killed me or "she". I WILL LET HER RIDE WITH ME IF SHE'S NOT TAKEN.
By the way, I am bringing a projector so we can watch the River Shiver videos and I think Sopel will bring the stuff he filmed on Sunday from Harrison. So don't forget to bring your laptops if you have some off-roading videos.
Sorry guys, was hoping to make it but something came up. Hopefully I won't be working on 2nd thurs. next month either. Have a good evening.
I don't own a motorcycle....

Seriously though, you really don't want to see the Air Ambulance coming for you because you're probably close to death.... (from an injury, not the helicopter ride)

I really don't like the passenger cabins in those things.... full of dried up bodily fluids! It's always fun to play "What's that smell?" when the floor mat gets removed.

When's the run to Big Bar? Currently my truck's a bit smashed from an accident, and won't be going to the shop until the 16th of this month.
never mind on the date... answered my own question after reading your post again Bill. Probably have to sit this one out.:frown:
WOW i had a hard time sleeping last nite with all the excitement! THE SOUNDS OF THE SUPPED UP 13bt s and the 12ht s in the video, and the 3b s and 12hts in the parking lot
thanks guys

The usual crew of discriminating pub food lovers met at the Spike, which was unusually quiet considering the previous nights Canuck quadruple overtime pandemonium against Dallas.

The meeting got underway about 8:00 p.m. with the following members in attendance:
Steve T, Rob Millson, Gary T, Drew E, Rod McD, Rob C, Justin VanH, Barry P, Dan M, Dan M, Mat R, Rob M (Sopal), Phil S, Martin S, Paul K, Aaron K, & Bill W.
Guests: Mark Hurst and 4WDABC President Steve Millen.

-Cruiser Days prep: Now that we definitely have Deas Island Park for the August 11 Cruiser Days event, we must advertise it. Dan is arranging for a banner ad on Mud. Bill is arranging for this event to be listed in the Toyota Trails Events Calendar. Posters will be developed by Marcin. Jim & Lindsay are probably not available for T-shirts so somebody will have to pick that up. No food vendor has been found either, so that is to be arranged also.

-Steve Dillen, President of 4WDABC, spoke to us about the efforts going on to renew and revitalize their Association. He acknowledged that it has been unresponsive and has lost a lot of members over the last few years. However, he is working very hard to turn this around, develop new goals, and build membership. They have established multi-year agreements with the B.C. government for the three recreation sites: Lodestone Lake, Hale Creek, and Sunrise Lake. The Association has also revived the Backroader and set up the following websites: 4WDABC.COM, 4WDABC.CA, and 4WDABC.ORG . In their effort to boost membership and build a base for negotiations with municipalities, they are recognizing other groups such as 4WD recreational fishermen and ATV users. Steve has also been working on their bylaws to overcome the previous problem of only one vote for one club.
I believe that Steve is working hard to turn his organization around and I suggest we should all discuss the pros and cons of supporting them, especially considering that we are all affected by road closures, gates, and new regulations such as the proposed B.C. Mud Boggers legislation due to be brought in this May. You can contact Steve Dillen personally on his email at with your questions and comments.

-CC membership dues: I have emailed a number of people re their overdue status. Some of you have returned email and paid or stated that you will be back soon. At this point I will be reluctantly deleting from membership those who’s dues are a couple of months or more late, do not attend meetings, and do not let me know what your intentions are. Sorry, but if you want to be a Coastal Cruiser and enjoy our wheeling community activities, you have got to participate, communicate and pay your dues like the rest of us.

-April Scavenge Hunt cancelled due to road washouts going into Chehalis Lake.

-May Long Weekend. Saturday May 19-Monday May 21, camping to Big Bar, China Head, and other locations. Some members will be going up a day early on Friday the 18 to establish our campsite. Final details to be announced at the May 10 CC meeting.

-Other Business: Welcome new member Aaron Kuit who drives a ’90 Prado LJ78 who goes on Mud as Prado t. Also thanks, recent new member Dan Mageau for coming all the way from Squamish for our meeting. Hats off to Mat R and Drew E for setting up the computer and projector to show theirs and Sopal’s hard-core mud-bogging videos.
Also, we now have CC business cards to put on unknown Cruiser windshields. Each member was given 3 cards and we hope it will encourage other wheelers to join our club.
Finally, any CC member who needs an up-to-date membership list, simply email Bill and he will send it Microsoft Excel.

-Raffle: Some pretty good prizes of wrenches, high candlepower flashlight, tie down set, inverter, BJ60 spring bushings, and digital multi-meter. Bill W walked with first prize and will do what he does best: shop for more hardware prizes. Other winners were Gary T, Steve T, Mat R, Phil S, & Rob M.

The meeting broke up about 10:00 p.m. and several stayed to watch more wheel’n videos. The rest drifted out into the empty damp streets of the first western terminus of Canada’s original trans-continental railway: the CPR.


ixnay on the deleting-ay!

I can only assume that having not paid dues for this year and missed a couple 3 or 4 meetings that I'm in your blackbook. I'll be getting around to it, I just move slow...kinda like a landcruiser in lowrange.

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