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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
United States

I am looking for an FJ62 - would consider the right 60, but looking for a 62. Budget is $20 -$30k - stock(ish) or tastefully built is fine.
Cash in hand and hoping to buy something this month. I do need to pass smog in front range of CO, but could register in MT if needed.
Ideally, I do not want to deal with ebay, BaT, etc. Willing to fly and pick up the right rig. Would need help to complete a PPI.

Just in case you’re still looking:
Thanks - I am still in the market and actively working some leads, I'll add this to the list.
I don't know if you're still interested but I live in Washington near Seattle area and I have a fj62 that needs some love and TLC.


This one is far from you, but if it's as clean as it looks it's a no brainier. I was stalking it for a while, before they posted photos, and was ready to jump on it, but I had one pop up closer to me for too good of a deal so I jumped on it. My new one isn't as nice as this...but it was also less than half the cost.

Thanks all - hoping to wrap something up tis week with someone who reached out via the forum - ill keep you posted
If you're still on the hunt, I'm unfortunately looking to let go of Ruby here. 1990 FJ62

I have 1 62 and 2 60s. Just throwing it out there. :D

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