clutch sensor? ?

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May 18, 2011
I Have a 96 3.4l 4 runner with a 5 speed. And a short wife. The problem is the clutch has to be ON the floor to start it where as with my Toyota pickup its a little more forgiving. Is there anyway to adjust it to Where the clutch doesn't have to be against the floor so hard to start it?
Mine started that one time when my WELCOME floor mat creeped up between the pedal and sensor and bent the little bracket back. So I got some regular floormats and bent the bracket back straight. You may be able to bend it so that it engages sooner. Does it have the clutch over ride button? Just for cranking at least.
Yes I have the overide button. I will look in there and see if I can see that sencor. Maybe its bent or I can do something to bring it up a little. thanks!

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