Clutch question

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Jul 3, 2004
Anchorage, AK
What makes the clutch go hard and then go back to normal? I can't make it do it, in other words, I can't make it go hard on one pump then make it normal the next time. Make sense? It will be normal for a while, then go hard, then go normal. Sometimes it is hard for different lengths of time, never the same amount of time.
besides a crappy pedal linkage I think the cluch cover is about it. Also if the throwout bearing sticks on the trans boss. it can do that but you would feel it pop loose
The Mechanical Parts Of The Clutch Assembley Are The Flywheel, Friction Disc, And The Clutch Cover. The Cover Is Basically The Big Spring That You Feel When You Push The Clutch Pedal. It Acts As A Fulcrum Persay To Release The Disc From The Flywheel, This Is All Located In The Bell Housing.

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