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Jun 22, 2008
Little Rock, AR
Would any of you be interested in having certain tools available to borrow from time to time, that the club would own/purchase?

Things like an engine hoist, or a SST, etc.

You could borrow it from the person that last used it, and you become the keeper of it until the next person needs it. The club will keep track of who has what.

Good idea? Bad idea?
Great idea
Right on!
What'd we decide on this idea? I could use an engine hoist.
If you have a truck and Im not using it you can use my hoist whenever you need. My only condition is that you stop by Chic Fil A and get me a SW salad with chili lime dressing and a diet lemonade...mmmmm so good.
Good idea! Bet @tacoma2002 could pick it up for us and bring it over. And heck, he might even find a cool umbrella there too :grinpimp:
I'd be glad to do that...just give me the word!

On a side note...WHEN I find a cool umbrella...all of you will be envious! :moon:

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