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Inaffective Grammer Nazi
Sep 17, 2016
Between pit of man's fears and summit of knowledge
If you haven't been getting the amazing club newsletter, it means:
  1. You are not on the club roster
  2. Your email on the roster is wrong
  3. You don't think the newsletter is "amazing" and want to be facetious :moon:

The newsletter is emailed monthly to make sure everyone is up to speed on club events. So, 1) join, 2) let me know if there is an email update needed, 3) contribute.

By contribute, I mean, if there is something you would like to share with the club as a whole in the newsletter you may submit photos and information to Post here in Mud of course, but there are many that do not come here as often as others. If you know a Cruiser-head that is out of touch, please extend an invitation. Let's stay connected.
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