CLIMATE CONTROL ISSUE: blower motor no worky

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Dec 31, 2007
central Ohio
I have an 97 80 series but this is my 1st post in the 100 series forum. I acquired a 2001 100 back in the summer at which point everything was working as it should.

I believe my climate control problem might be related to some moisture getting into the truck via either the sunroof or possibly the front windshield. The problem began after some heavy rains.

The problem is the blower motor stopped working. Without doing a climate control diagnostic check, I replaced the blower motor and the blower motor controller, still no worky. Before I shelled out the cash for the motor and controller I checked all of the fuses. So I decided to to the climate control diagnostic check after replacing the apparently not faulty parts. Well maybe the problem is in my AC button or the control board behind it since the diagnostic function doesn't seem to work. I push down the recirc button and the AC button simultaneously while turning the key to the "on" position and nothing lights up and starts blinking (non-navigation) to indicate where the problem might be.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I was thinking I might put an aftermarket stereo in it so my next step is to pop the cover that goes around the radio and the climate control buttons off and see if there is any obvious problem.

Whenever I tell someone the heater isn't working the immediate response is " oh that sucks with it being winter and all", but that isn't really a big deal since the rear heater and the heated seats still function. The big issue is no defroster.:(

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