Clean Original 68 FJ40 (29K miles) $8200

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Not mine, but wow- talk about original and documented. In Placerville, CA. Pics are email in link.

FJ40 Land Cruiser 1968, 29k mi.

FJ40 Land Cruiser 1968, 29k mi.
General Description:
This is a 1968 FJ40 Land Cruiser with 29080 miles. Everything is original including paint exept the side mirrors, rims, and second gas tank under passenger seat. The Warn winch was added in 1969. The tires are 31”x10.5” mud terrain. It does not have any other aftermarket modifications. It does not have a roll bar, lockers, or PTO. I inherited it from our close family friend and neighbor when he passed away. It was only driven off our two farms to get gas and an occasional joy ride.
Condition Description:
Mechanically it is in excellent condition as you might expect for 29k miles. See the documentation section below for a list of service and repairs that have been performed over the years. The engine, drive-train and suspension are tight and smooth. Winch is strong. Breaks and clutch work well. I would imagine they should be gone through if you are going to make it a daily driver. If I were going to drive it cross country I would replace all belts and hoses.
Cosmetically it spent most of its life in a garage or stored in a barn. It looks as good as an original 1968 can look. It has always been started and driven a little on a regular basis to keep it in good condition. Upholstery and dash are undamaged with no tears front or rear. The headliner has been removed. The exterior paint has some scratches, some down to the primer. We used to do fencing on the farm so it took a few dings in the paint but no dents. I don’t think the Top has ever been removed. All the original door seals are in place.

Land Cruisers are notorious for rust. This one is in good shape but there are a couple of places to talk about. First, there is a small amount (3”wide x 1” high) of paint blister in the paint on the rear fenders just above the rear tail lights (classic). There is a similarly sized section just above the rear window hinges on the top. It is more than blistered and while not affecting function, if you were restoring 100% the hinge bar could easily be replaced. The rain gutter on the roof has a very little surface rust color on the edges but no actual rust. The inside body pan (front and rear) have had the paint worn off in normal places but no rust there either. The rest of the body and frame appear to be rust free.

I have the following documentation:
1. Original Owners Manual,

2. Original Service Booklet,

3. Nearly all DMV Registration cards back to 1969,

4. Receipt – Battery from Kragens $74.99 dated 2002,

5. Receipt – Battery from Kragens $18.85 dated 1995,

6. Receipt/Work Order – Earl Warden Auto Repair, 1,000 mi service, carb rebuild, Odometer reading 28391.6 for $196.56 dated 8/30/1993,

7. Smog Test – passed, odometer reading 27709 dated 11/23/1992,

8. Receipt/Work Order – Earl Warden Auto Repair, Tune up, Clutch replacement, unleaded gas conversion, $1,231.91 odometer reading 27695.2 dated 10/05/1992,

9. Receipt – Big O new tires, odometer reading 16983 $358.24 dated 03/17/82,

10. Receipt – Stanleys Automotive Center – Warn Winch model 6000, $321.83 Dated 05/20/1969.

Owner history:
It was originally purchased on 07/24/68 in Redwood City, CA. It was based in Placerville until I inherited it from the original owner (a close family friend) on 01/27/2003. I have regularly driven it only on my 20 acres since. I have not registered it or insured it until this month in preparation for sale.
more pics please other than the craiglist ones. Interior and under the hood,
Its not mine, but I sent you a PM.


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