MUDShip Cincinnati to Phoenix in late May (round trip) and Cincinnati to Denver in late August (round trip) (1 Viewer)

Jan 29, 2020
I am going to make a couple of overlanding trips out to west (from Cincinnati Ohio) this year and plan to do the same in years to come. I have been doing this for several years now (mostly on ADV motorcycles) but haven't found a solid solution for getting my rig out and back other than paying a buddy to drive it for me. I want to maximize my vacation time with actual trail time so driving the vehicle from Ohio to wherever the ultimate starting point is (Denver/Phoenix etc) doesn't make much sense.

I can continue the Drive/Fly - Fly/Drive plan with a buddy making some extra cash but I wondered if there is a solution I am not aware of. I know about U-ship but when I have looked into that they need huge time windows for pick up and delivery. I have some flexibility but need to be able to specify a pickup date and a drop off date so I know the vehicle is there when I arrive.

The current system is this: I fully load the rig for a trip (all gear and clothes etc., other than food) and have a friend drive it to an airport (Denver for example). My buddy hops on a plane home while I fly out and jump into the vehicle and begin my journey. At the end of my trip we reverse that (he flies back out and drives home, I fly home). I pay for his flights, gas to and from, and a fee for his time. I am planning on trips with friends so we would need a drive/fly - fly/drive person for each vehicle. That is cumbersome.

Can anyone help out with this? Know of a good way to get it done?

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