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Dec 20, 2005
Monument, CO
I just received the email below from Jon Pfeiffer about the cutting program. This year the area south of Mt. Herman won’t be in the cutting area due to the timber cutting operation going on.


This year’s Pikes Peak Ranger District - Christmas Tree Cutting Program is happening: MON December 2nd through WED December 18th.

The two weekends where we will definitely need the 4WD Club Members’ help are:

SAT December 7th & SUN December 8th
SAT December 14th & SUN December 15th

Could you please relay this information to the 4 Wheel Drive Club, so that they have an advanced “heads up” of the Christmas Tree cutting dates.

We are additionally including all of Road 357 (the immediate corridor along 357), in this year’s cutting program, along with the normal cutting area of Rampart Range road again.

Sue Miller is working on the cutting area maps…and the basic informational flyer…so when those are finalized, I will send you a copy that you can forward over to the 4WD club. If they need to know anything else at this point, they can contact Rick Ellsworth.

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