Chevy computer programming

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Jan 12, 2006
St. Louis, MO
A friend has a 1995 J**p that he has modified to the extreme for offroad. He had a local performance engine builder do a swap to replace the J**p's original straight 6 (only 50k on the clock) to a 1996 chevy 350 small block (non-LS1). The engine is in and told all is good, but the local builder claims to be having trouble getting the computer reprogrammed correctly. He is using a company called 'Motor-vasive' (not sure on the spelling).

Is this a complicated process or what? Any recommendations for another programming company? The local builder originally estimated less than a month to get the engine swapped and running and then out the door. I know it was in place and at least able to start in that time (sounded like it was in some sort of limp-home mode though without the reprogramming). But now its been 3 more months supposedly waiting on computer programming and we are starting to wonder if we'll ever get the thing done.

Any help is appreciated.
I have a piece from called the PROMinator that fits in place of the EPROM in the ECU (computer) and allows complete real-time adjustment via laptop computer. Cost like $175. TunerCAT or TunerPro R/T costs $30- old laptop with a serial port $50 on eBay. Being able to tune my own engine, without sending chips to JET, Arizona Speed and Performance, HyperChips, etc....Priceless.

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