Checklist: Selling 03' LC & buying 06' LX 470 (1 Viewer)

May 20, 2020

I got a good offer from a family member to purchase an 06 LX 470 with 150K miles for around $10K. regularly maintained, rides well and only one potential issue. Much more details to dive into. The purchase of this vehicle will require me to sell my 03' LC which has 250K miles on it, which I bought and spent some coin on last year. I put 15K miles on it since purchasing.

My question's I would like to leverage the knowledge here:

1. What should I look at on the LX470 before purchasing? I have spent a good deal on my LC this past year so Id like to avoid spending $$ on this again if possible.
2. Ball park estimate on what I should expect to sell my LC for? Ill share some of the work I have had done so far.

Some details to share:

1. LX 470 known issues today (vague)
  1. Rims too heavy > deflates tires
  2. May need bushings and axels fixed

2. LC03 known/visible issues:
  1. Small amount of visible rust on driver side by second wheel opening > could be spreading but it looks cosmetic, I think I can touch this up
  2. Antenna needs replaced after a trip to the car wash ( I have this)
  3. Bushings/Axels need replaced > quoted at $1.1K by my local LC specialist
  4. AC has issues staying on while in idle (works fine when driving) > maybe mag clutch?
  5. When hot, locks can act a little funny
3. LC03' items we had fixed this year > $5,000 spent
  1. Cat Con #1 & #2 replaced
  2. New Brakepads & 2 new rear tires
  3. New AC Compressor, Condenser & evaporator
  4. heilcoil installed on cylinder 3
  5. exhaust replaced
  6. Valve covers replaced
  7. junction box replaced and corrosion cleaned off battery
  8. Radiator replaced
  9. Heater fuse replaced and Control panel amp for heater replaced
  10. bumper fixed up

I purchased the LC 03' for around $9K with the cat con and tires as the only known issues at time. Did modest research. So far I have pumped about $14K ($9K + $5K) and as of today its running well and valvoline compliments my car when I come in.

At this vantage point what do you all think on my 2 questions? Obviously when we go get these inspected I want to make sure everything I paid for on the LC will hopefully not be needed on the LX.

Based on what I am seeing online I think I could ball park $10K-$15K in private sell which would be ideal.

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