check this bumper out!

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"Hey Cletus, I gots me a new welder, bring me over that old bed frame of yers and I make me a fine-ass bumper."

That thing is a ugly as homemade soap.

It looks like some kinda of franken-bumper made from parts of lesser gay bumpers.

Remember awhile back, Lowtide had a really ugly bumper? I think the same guy made the one on Ebay. There is a definite family resemblence.
Ugly sumbitch. Ugly as a mud fence, actually.

I bet she has a small penis she is trying to make up for. ;)
Two words.

MAD MAX.......
"Heavy duty front bumper. This is a great front bumper. I believe that it is homemade. I have had many offers to buy this bumper but will not seperate the two."

Hmmm. I believe it may be homemade too... ;)
No, they came stock on LJ61s, you know, the lunar production series.
Good God!
thing looks like it weighs over 1000 pounds.
saw that the other day, ummm I dont even know if I would call it "custom" Its definately homemade!
All that thing needs is some Christmas lights wrapped around it...or to be chromed:hillbilly

I bet that thing would put a hell of a dent in a BMW.
Yo you could chrome that out, slap on some 30 inch daytons, put some hydraulics on it, put maybe like a daquiri machine in the center console.

That s*** would be cold, blooooded!

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