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May 8, 2008
Date: 03/10/2009 Dear Action Alert Subscriber,br /br /br /br /Have you heard about BRC's new Three Ride program? For a limited time, we're giving away a three-month membership in the BlueRibbon Coalition--free! If you are not currently a member of the Coalition, you can quickly and easily sign up online to start your Three /br /Already a member?nbsp; Maybe you know a friend, family member or co-worker who would like to take a BRC Three Ride.nbsp; We have a downloadable form you can print and bring to events, or pass out at your club. With your help, we'll give them a three-month free ride. It won't cost them a dime. ?If they aren't convinced at the end of that time the BRC is worth the membership price, they can just walk /br /To learn more about the Three Ride program, visit br /To sign up now, visit -- feel free to share this link with your /br /Greg Mummbr /Executive Directorbr /BlueRibbon Coalitionimg src="" height="1" width="1"/


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