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Jan 14, 2005
Rolling chassis, 40 parts, fj62 parts

Hey guys, been real busy, but I got some things that got to go, SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER ON THIS STUFF< I GOT TO SELL IT AND CLEAN UP THE BARN email me so I can send pics, and if you need something else let me know, I may have it, transfer cases, trannies, axel housing, bad 411s cna be had for 50$,,,(so you can learn how to rebuild and build that arb diff you always wanted with out having your vehicle down for a week)

1976 FJ40 rolling chassis, got over 3k$ in it, stripped it down, painted it and got bored, rebuilt diff, new toyota brakes all the way aroung
front bumper, bumperettes, SAGINAW power steering gear box installed, new hubs rebuilt knuckles with new wheel bearings all the way around
new greasable shackles and pins , new shocks, partial wiring harness, new brake lights, but could use new gaskets, driveshafts, some new gas lines

need $1700

newer style doors nothing perfect, but at 200$ a set you cant beat it
fiberglass tops 100 each

wheels oem and wagon wheel 20 each
oem tires 30 each

I am in NE GA near athens

email me at
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Make Me An Offer You Might Be Surprised
I have been super busy with the restaurant I will send pics and emails this weekend,, just got my dsl yesterday,,
any interest?

someone doing a resto or got a rusty frame needs this,, it has been said I can be convinced to make a partial delivery

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