Charge Lamp Relay

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Jul 21, 2009
I have a '86 BJ74 with 13b-t diesel. Two weeks ago the green and orange lights in the rev counter start to flicker and needel on alt meter dos'nt move. My local garage replaced the external voltage regulator. Now after about one minute after starting the alternatior starts to charge. But both lights in the rev counter still flicker. I've read a thread on Mud that it could be the charge lamp relay. I brought a new one from stealership. But can't find one on my truck. I've looked in and under dashboard, left and right kicker panels with no luck. Is it possible that trucks with external voltage regulators don't have this relay? My truck is a Japanese import. :confused:
Check the brushes in your alternator.

Check your fuses and fusible links.

Thanks John, will do.

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