Charcoal Cannister

Discussion in 'FJ55 Iron Pig Preservation Society' started by MiniPigg, Jun 14, 2005.

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    Jan 2, 2005
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    Since the day I drove the 55 home Ive had the gas smell in the cabin of my cruiser. I figured it might have to do with the vapor recovery system. Last time it was the check valve back next to the gas cap. That one was split in two. After I repaired it all was well. So thats the first place I went. Turns out theone way check valve is a better design then what was in my 74 pig. I checked all the hoses and lines. Still got the gas smell. I pulled the charcoal can and opened the bottom and cleared out the lower line. Still gas smell. Blew some air thru all metal lines and didnt seem clogged. So this afternoon I finally decided to by pass the charcoal cannister vacuum control valve. I removed the vacuum hose that would normally go to the valve from the carb and attached it to the top of the charcoal cannister. So far the gas smell is gone and I dont have the pressure build up in the tank after releasing the gas cap. I have a feeling that bottom line might have a blockage even though I was able to get some air thru. But at least I have it patched up til I can get it properly fixed. Or til I convert the pig to diesel.
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