Centering device or tool

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Sep 23, 2005
A good friend, who has unfortunately passed away, did some work for me one day and as I watched as he prepared to drill a hole in a 2" piece of square tube, he used a little device to find the center. I didn't pay attention to what it was or ask him about it, but it worked perfectly and quickly. Anyone have an idea of what it was? It would be of use to me these days.
here are some ideas...a drill press jig for centering holes drilled cross axis in round stock, a square used for finding the center axis of round stock, and a square edge center finder--This last one is what I think your friend used. I found a link for a home-made one for woodworking, but I couldn't find any made-for-purchase for steel, but you could proably make one out of 1/2" steel stock, 1/4" rod (threaded into tapped holes and a metal scribe held in with a set screw. The problem is you have to be able to find the center in order to make the tool that helps you find the center....
centering drill press jig.jpg
centering square.jpg
board edge center.jpg
For sqaure tube the second thing would work well. easy to make from a broken hockey stick. I made one for wood working and use it ocasionaly to scriabe a line down the center of a piece of wood.
I believe its called a center finder there is also thing called an edge finder. The edge finder are used mainly in machine shops. It helps the edge of your work piece then you move the work table over to the preferred distance.
A center finder works about the same way.

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