Wanted CDN BJ40 24V Glow Plug Relay

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I think I've got one. I'll send some pics a little later.
I have not been able to test it, but it was advertised as working when I bought it. There is some light corrosion on places, but nothing too bad. $125 shipped to Canada. That’s about what I paid for it. I’ll refund your money if it doesn’t work.


Possible to open it up and have some pics of the contacts and coils for arcing and pitting? The one I have actually looks better than this one on the outside but the inside is fried. Thx
Here you go. That’s about as good as I can get with my phone. Hopefully you can zoom in enough to get a good idea of condition.




If it is that much of a concern, just pay to ship and I'll send it to you. You can pay after you verify that it works. I assumed $25 for shipping, so we can just subtract actual shipping from my quoted price of $125, not to exceed $100.
I tried to send you a PM, but your mailbox is full.
PM sent. I have a BJ41, which is 24V, so I keep an eye out on eBay and Japanese auction sites almost daily. You’d be surprised what you can find if you just look for it.

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