CDN 1985 BJ70 For Sale (Toronto)

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United States
For sale is a 1985 BJ70 5spd 3B diesel engine with 282000 KMs located in Toronto, Ontario.

This one is a beauty! Full service records and meticulously maintained, frame in great shape, interior in near new condition, brand new dunlop tires (Feb 2008), new MP3 CD deck, $6,000 put into body and other restorations in 2005.

I am selling this great BJ because my girlfriend recently bought a new car and we are becoming a one car family.

I am asking 12,000 obo.

I would be happy to take and send any photos that are requested.

Please contact me at if interested.
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Photo Added

I have attached a photo for those that have asked. I have additional photos that can be emailed upon request.
Bump, It must be true love I would never sell a cruiser for the girlfriend LOL
Too bad you are all the way in Seattle. I am having more difficulty than I thought. It is priced fair, isn't it?
Bump for the 70. Its not the price its the location , and I believe that is why it is difficult to sell. If you were out west it would be gone. Cmon guys buy this wonderful 85BJ70 Good Luck, I hope you get what you want for it. I am interrested but it is far away.
Pictures sent. Thanks for your interest. Hopefully importing isn't too difficult. Alex.

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