cb, scanner, shortwave, what?

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Feb 11, 2005
morristown nj
My son ( 8 yers old ) LOVES to hear the chat over CB's, scanners and the like. His friends father is a fireman, and they spend hours listening to the scanner at his house.
I want to get a portable unit, hand held, that we can take camping, kayaking and such. We wheel in the NJ Pine Barrens with our cell phone, so direct 2-way emergency communications is not an issue, just something to listen to.
I know CB's, and scanners, but am unfamiliar with "meter" type radios. can anyone fill me in, and offer some sugestions?
I would get him some UHF hand helds and put a UHF CB in the cruiser. He would get a big kick out of being able to talk to his dad on his way home from work etc.;)

Maybe even an old 27meg CB with USB and LSB so he can listen to long distance broadcasts.

I was about his age when a tank crew let my brother and I talk on their 2 ways ,tank to tank.
I never forgot the thrill of it.:grinpimp:
Consider getting him into SWL and then amateur radio.


This is how I got started in the electronics field; which lead to a life long career. I am now a retired AT&T engineer. I built my first radio at 12 years old and my first radio station when I was 13 years old. This all started with studying to become a radio amateur. The thrill never goes away and I am still doing similar stuff at 67 years of age.


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