CB dash install in a '93 FZJ80

Discussion in 'Communication & Navigation' started by Hayes, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Hayes


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    May 7, 2005
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    Installed a Cobra 18WXSTII citizen band radio in the dash of my '93 FZJ80.

    Putting the CB in the DIN slot below my CD player was generally straight forward with a few exceptions:

    1. The CB doesn't have the typical selection of side mounting holes you find on CD players. I actually ended up using the threaded knobs that are usually used to mount the CB to the supplied bracket. The CB did (barely) fit in the DIN slot with the knobs.

    2. The 18WXSTII is DIN-sized, but very deep. There is NO WAY to get it anywhere near flush with the front of the dash without using a 90-degree coax connector on the rear of the radio. I did battle with the SOB for hours before finally heading to the store for the connector. After that, it worked out well.


    The 18WXSTII is nice because it has a front-firing speaker. No need to rewire or add any other speakers.

    I mounted a 3-foot Wilson "Silver Load" FGT fiberglass CB antenna on the upper mount on my Slee rear bumper. I also used a Firestick "Push 'n' Twist" Quick Disconnect external locking mount.
    For coax I ran 18 feet of Wilson "Super" Mini 8 with FME & connector.



    The antenna install was very straight-forward. Running the coax was another story.
    The coax runs down between the bumper and the body at the PS rear corner, then up through a rubber grommet and behind the interior rear cargo panel. Forward behind interior panels and down through the rear door-jam channel.
    At this point I had to consider the total length of the run.
    18 feet is a standard CB coax length, and you can't just run any old length (the coax is really part of the antenna). Rather than along the front PS door-jam and across to the dash, I had to fish the coax under the PS seat and into the center shifter console, then into the dash. Even then, THERE WAS NOT EVEN 1/4 INCH TO SPARE. Between cable-length issues and the deep radio, I lost track of the colorful language yelled at the dash, and absolutely trashed my hands.
    In the end though, it all worked out, and I'm getting great reception. Haven't really had much of a chance to transmit to anyone.

    The Firestick quick disconnect is really great. It is very robust, and it literally takes 1 second to attach/detach the antenna.

    I look forward to talking trash over my CB at Cruise Moab. :flipoff2:

  2. dclee


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    Feb 16, 2004
    Left Coast, USA

    Nice setup!

    I had one of those quick disconnects on my 80, very nice. I plan on getting one for the 100 when I eventually wire up the CB.
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