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Oct 6, 2016
Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
66743 Kansas, United States
LISTED ON SOLD 12/15/2020


We have chosen to offer our 1992 FJ80 for sale. I built this vehicle as a surprise birthday gift for my son. It has served faithfully and very reliably as his first car. In fact, it NEVER left us stranded in daily school drives for nearly two years. He kept it in one piece, avoided any speeding tickets and followed our rules. 1.) keep it in town 2.) keep it on pavement (we are in rural ks) 3.) no 8+ passenger party rides for classmates, 4.) don't hurt it...or yourself.

He met all of the goals with only two small scratches on the front right flare which serves as a badge of honor and reminder to my 16 and 14 year old to ALWAYS help each other back out of tight parking spaces. The F150 he hit suffered $1000 bash. Just another testament to the FJ80. I recently bought him a pristine 2005 100 with 72k miles. Same rules apply to it OR IT GETS PARKED WITH MY OTHER LAND CRUISERS!!!

I purchased this FJ80 while restoring another rust-free California FJ80. I swapped tires, bumper parts, seats, and other interior bits which made my restoration easier and much more enjoyable. This little FJ80 had such a great personality and drove so solid that I decided to use it as a test bed for my vinyl stripe fantasies and use it as a "test vehicle for my kids." It is so unique that my wife and son have requested that I not sell it locally but rather get it out of town so they don't have to see it destroyed by someone who may not care for it as we have. We have too many vehicles in the collection and I have determined that two or three must go this fall.

I will represent this truck in a candid strait forward manner. In my opinion, It is NOT a candidate for restoration. I have one of those and this one "ain't" it. it has dents, dings, scratches, a little body rust, some bondo, and lived it's life in Eastern Kansas and Missouri where it used to snow a bit. It is not the truck to drive on the 405 each morning to work or to attack on-ramps at 70 mph. The 3FE is strong and reliable but not fast. You have to know how to drive an FJ80.

This is a fine hunting truck, weekend wheeler, first kid car, or putt around the country/lake house rig. Can you drive it from Kansas to _________. Probably but that is on you. It is nearly 30 years old and it needs a bit, but it would probably make it. I built and repaired this truck to be a reliable, slow, safe first car for my very responsible 15 year old. It worked out like a dream and now it is time to pass it to another person who understands its abilities and its limitations. Like most Land Cruisers, if respected, it will outlast its owner.

Many photos available upon request.

The Facts:
1992 FJ80
Solid 3FE in-line 6 cylinder
128K miles
Nearly new 16" Dyna Pro A/T
Sony Radio (Apple CarPlay)
Cold AC
Antenna mast works!!!
Custom vintage Toyota Livery Vinyl stripes (removable)
New OEM shocks
6 used Yakima rack mounts
2 non-op KC vintage lights
Solid no-rust frame and undercarriage
Diffs have been serviced
Clean and clear title in hand.

Passenger door crease mitigated by my dentless guy but still visible under stripe
Knocking front joints on left and right turns (told the kid it was a lane departure app:)
Some body rust on inner fender wells which could be mitigated easily
Common rust spot on rear window seal and one at top of windshield
Clear coat failing on front fender and flares
Occasional hard start but recently serviced cold start injector circuit to great success
CarFax mileage discrepancy around 100k miles many years ago so it is probably more like 160k miles
Small tick of an exhaust leak which never seemed to bother us.
Check engine light is on. (We are in Kansas... no one cares)
Dash is cracked so needs a soft velcro cover
Seats are in good shape but are sun faded
Sun roof works but needs a little wedge to keep it leak tight

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Oct 6, 2016
Engine: I don't like to use cleaners or water on engines.

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