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Oct 28, 2007
San Diego
I'll be going on a trip soon and would like to bring my Oztent RV-5.

I had a Front Runner rack on my 100 and I know it is easy to carry the tent on a full size aftermarket rack. I only have the factory rack on the 200 and and trying to figure out how to carry this monster. I can set it on the crossbars, but I am concerned that being supported at only two points over long distances and rough roads will damage the aluminum frame.

Some options I have considered:

1. Attaching the tent to where the crossbars connect to the main rails and using the main rail for extra F/R rigidity.

2. Using a couple of kayak carriers to provide additional support. Still only two points of support though, just wider.

3. Yakima SkinnyWarrior or equivalent (still not long enough even with the extension).

4. Lash the tent to a couple of long rigid poles and the rack to provide F/R support.

Anyone have creative, simple solutions for carrying an Oztent on a factory rack? I am trying to avoid buying an aftermarket rack.

For reference, it is 80" (L) × 15" (W) × 11" (H) and weighs 54lbs. This random internet picture shows how bulky it is.



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Apr 19, 2004
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Used mine for years on the roof rack of a 80 series. Went cross country with it, no issues.
Getting it up there sucks, I’m short.
Used cinch down straps, went under and around, making a U around it and drove on.
In case you could put the U through the handles but we had -0- issues

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