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May 18, 2009
Pacific NW
As my trail rig progresses, I have more and more heavy cargo that goes in the back each trip. (chain, tools, chainsaw, handle-all, cooler, etc) Up until this point I have used one of those spider web stretchy nets to keep things from sliding around.

After a slow rollover in my buddies rig, I feel I need something much more stout to prevent my heavy stuff from flying around.

I've been looking for just a basic 4' x 6' cargo net (1" web, 1' squares) but can't seem to find anything.

I've search here and found:
Milford Barrier - I want more than barrier, I want to keep everything down. - this would work laid over the cargo area, but at $190 it is more than I need.

Does anybody know where I can buy just a basic cargo net?
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Thanks greentruck, that is exactly what I was looking for.

Forums are great. I literally search for 2hrs trying to find one of these.

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