Cape Lookout seeks ORV feedback

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Thanks Sarca, good info! I think OBX needs our support to help/encourage the NPS to develop a reasonable plan for future use, as they have done for the URE's. I am still pissed I could not drive to the best surf fishing points on the east coast because, at one, a single plover nest was found, and who knows the reason for the other closure. The NPS NEEDS to get a plan developed to lift the court ordred closures. I encourage all to send feedback to get this plan completed. It can only improve the situation.
Sorry for the rant. I have a lot of memories from visiting, once a year, the last 20 years.
Welcome to ONSC and looking forward to seeing MeJane in the URE's!

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I encourage everyone to download the plan and give it a look. It looks like they're being proactive and making sure it is in place, rather than what OBX did and let their plan expire.

In case you're unfamiliar with the area, this would be the Shackleford Banks and Portsmouth Island.
custyota said:
Thats my neck of woods!

I just flew over there today doing a beach run from Drum Inlet to the lighthouse as a matter of fact, got boobies flashed at us on a boat in the little cove next to the lighthouse.:grinpimp:

I did see the Forestry Service people booming around there on their ATVs.

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