Cancelling this weekend’s OHV Work Day 1/29/2022

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Jul 14, 2015
Eldorado, NC
Hi Everyone – Susan and I are making the decision to cancel tomorrow’s work day due to the incoming winter storm. Since everyone comes from so many different directions there is a good chance that we’ll all experience different levels of snow from 1 to 3 inches, it’ll be very cold and we don’t want anyone to be out on the roads when there will most likely be a weather emergency in the state. We will hopefully have better luck in February and we’ll plan on doing the replacement and repairs to the timber fencing around the OHV trailheads and on some of the trails on that day. The next OHV work day is scheduled for February 26th. Please email me or mail me your volunteer forms, membership rosters and if you’re doing a trail adoption you can send those forms in to me too. Make sure you sign them before you mail them or email the to me. Please pass this information onto other folks that may have been planning on volunteer this weekend. Thanks a lot.

Stay safe. Thanks a lot. Bye - Terry

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