Can anyone inspect a 100 Series for me in Milwaukee, WI?

Oct 1, 2006
I am about to pull the trigger on this 2005 100 series for the wifey but with only 10 pics, couple more from the dealer, and being limited from my location in CT, figured i would see if anyone was local and wanted to take a look at it for me. It is located at Andrew Toyota...... would have to be quick. Don't expect anyone to go out of their way but if there was a mudder who was local to this dealer I would compensate in some way. BTW, do you guys use a ton of salt on your roads in the winter? I haven't seen the undercarriage.


Sep 10, 2014
Milwaukee, WI
I'm in Milwaukee and that's kinda on my way home. We do use a ton of salt though. I bought a 2004 about 18 months ago and have replaced the skids and gas tank protection because of it. But if you're willing to get a used front skid, they're relatively cheap.

If you still need someone to look at it, it could check it out this week.
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