Cab/Door Noise

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Dec 16, 2005
Houston, TX
What is everyone doing to help the cab noise? When I open and close my doors, it sounds like a tin can. I would love to have the doors sound a little more substantial or at least not so tinny. I guess I could line them with the noise reduction stuff, but has anyone done anything else to help this? Any thoughts? Thanks
sound deadening (your choice of vendor), plus new door seals, window sweeps & seals will have you riding like a mercedes....

I did a full dynamat solution on my cruiser and it makes a world of difference. I will try to post in the technical section if I get the time to do the writeup. There is a huge difference in my cruiser now. No more tin can sound from the doors. Keeps the interior a bit warmer as well.
cheap and easy....

When my neighbors were tearing the carpet out of their house, I grabbed the padding out of the dumpster--I'm so cheap--and then took off all my doorpanels and cut and spray enameled the carpet padding to the backside. Finding out I had quite a bit left over, I tore up all my carpet and put the rest of the padding to good use. Things are a bit quieter now, less heat comes through the floor and tranny hump, the doors have a better "thump" to them when I close them, and if I ever forget my camp pad, the cargo area has enough padding to make for a pretty comfortable nights sleep:D
spook50 has a great thread on sound dampening.
i think he used edead. its supposed to be really good and its waaaay cheaper than dynamat
Thanks for all the good ideas. I like the spray on liner or the carpet pad tricks for "cheap" fixes.

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