buying a pig fj55

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Jun 1, 2008
so heres the deal i have found someone who is looking to get rid of two fj55 one is a 79 the other is a 76?78 maybe both have disc in the front fatory f motors 4speeds and one has factory power steering. tomarrow i will get a better look inside and out but i would say rust is eating both alive and only one has a good frame. i dont know yet if the rear windows work or if they have rear heaters but both seam to have stock seats and panals in good shape. so with that said if i couldnt save either one and chopped. both up for parts would think i could make 1800$ back i dont know as much about these as the fj40s but i know some. i would like to restore one but i dont think the metal is there to make one
yeah i saw that and found my self in shock the whole truck for 2500:mad: i was hopeing to reuse as i did with my 40 but i will look closer at that tomarrow. thanks
If your parting and one is a '78 and the other is a '79 I will take either tailgate if it is original style... We all love pics, where are you located?
alright pics working on it let me go shoot some ............denver
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ok closer look both body are done one has a workable tail gate. there is a almost perfect interior between both head line an all. both have tool kits and jacks under the seats both have rear heat one working the other needs work. one has good door gaskets all around both have good frames one is real good factory skid plates factory exhaust still there. so looks like i would need a tub after that i could build one from these. oh heater duct hoses are in good shape glove box doors and dash are cracked bad. and pics i can email to you guys becuse i cant figur out how to post them or upload:bang:
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email them to me

or you can upload them to photobucket and then you get the image URL, usually listed below the photo i think, then click reply and there should be a square button above the box to click that looks like a mountain which you post the URL of the photo into.
That factory power steering is worth it's weight in gold
the bodies actually don't look any worse than normal
ya. no problem. $1800 for both i think is a steal. i think you could easily make $1800 back if you decided not to re-build one. do either run?
he says both run and drive, when i looked at them they had dead battiers but am not sure if i would want to seeing that 79 dosent have floor pans up front
grab em......look in the 55 forum to see what some folks have done with junkers.......k9crazy, eventhough, trollhole and cruiser_guy to name a few builds..HTH........good luck

Even if one doesn't have good floorboards, it can be patched. I really would suggest buying them both, then selling the one you decide not to keep. You'll get a return on your investment, for sure!
If the owners says the "run and drive" then make him show you that. I looked at a Pig and the owner said it ran great. When I made him pop the hood the battery was missing and I finally got him to say that it hadn't run in two years.

It is fine if it doesn't crank - but the price should reflect that.

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