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Mar 15, 2006
Las Cruces, NM
So spring break has started at New Mexico State University, I had found this forum just a couple of days ago, and got really motivated to pick at my 60. Went out to Kick the tires when I found that one of them was flat. Damn! No problem, bust out the spare so that I can still move it around to do my thing. Got it raised and put the lug wrench to one of the lugs... Pop! Double damn!
How does one remove and replace wheel studs? any special tools that only shops have? Is it a pain in the ass to find Toyota studs? Etc, etc... what do I need to know?
Might be a good spring break project, eh? or maybe not?
Also, while I'm on the subject. Has anyone delt with installing longer studs to accomidate wheels that require spacers? Where can one get longer studs? what about cost?
I may as well throw this out there too... Stock wheels w no spacers/ keep original studs -or- 16" alloy American racing modulars / wheel spacers (therefor having to elongate studs if possible)? what's better or smarter, rather?:confused:
Feb 27, 2006
God's Country
just jack up the vehicle, whack out the stud from the outside, go to your local parts shop and do the exact same thing from the back.

when you tighten the lug it will draw that new stud in tight. same exact thing happened to my 62 and I stupidly paid a mechanic $50 for 5 min of work.

As far as length, I couldn't tell ya.
Good luck:beer:
Jun 16, 2004
St Anthony, ID
it's pretty much a pain in the ass to try and pound it out. if you can talk a machine shop to pressing it for you, it's much easier. most machinists will just do it for you for free as it take all of about 5 seconds.

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