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Aug 11, 2004
So Cal
just found the bolts I was needing. Looking for advice on what needs to be done before I try to start her up. Obviously an oil change, new spark plugs, but my main questions center around the rocker arms. I have fsm and will try to set it up accordingly, but what other helpful hints might you all have.

I'm not even sure what I should be searching under.

any help is always appreciated.
Mar 12, 2004
Torque down the rocker train bolts per spec., then set your preliminary valve lash.

Remember, you'll have to re-torque your head bolts again after a few cool down cycles. Same with the rocker bolts and then re-adjust the valve lash again.

NB. Re-torque the head bolts cold. Check valve lash hot. I'm sure you'll get more suggestions.


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