Building a rear tire carrier.. Can someone help?

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Jul 22, 2007
Beaverton, Or
I am looking at building a rear tire carrier on my FJ80. I don't want to pay the $1300 to buy one, plus I think it would be fun to learn how to do it.

I can buy all the materials and of course some beer too :beer::beer::D:D

But, i don't know anything about welding and that is where I would need the help. Anyone want to help?
Tire Carrier Kit [TC-KIT] - $90.00 : EMS Offroad, When You're Ready For The Next Step

I am also in the middle of building a tire carrier bumper.....found these guys on the web, thought it was by far the best price for what you get. most people sell just the trailer spindle for this price (rockstomper) and then you have to source your own latch and cut a tire plate. thought this might help. probably gonna be tough to find someone to build your tire carrier for should look into a mig welder, they're getting cheaper these days and are not hard to use. DON"T weld the spindle all the way around, the heat will cause it to break off!!!!!
Cool thanks for the link. I shall also look for a mig welder. any recommendations?
Miller, Hobart and Lincoln are the most common names and are good machines. I have a Chicago Electric 220V welder that works just fine. My welder doesn't have good control for sheet metal but I can make it stick for what I have been doing. I would recommend at 220V machine if you have the outlets to make it work since these welders will allow you to weld thicker metal and weld for more minutes at a time.

I have enjoyed making bumpers, sliders and such for my truck but it does take some time and effort but for that is better than buying.
I bought my hobart "handler 185" 220 volt welder from over 5 years ago. it was a factory reconditioned unit, but has shown no signs of any problems. If I'm not mistaken, I believe hobart and miller are either the same welder, or made by the same company(so I've been told) I know many parts are interchangeable.

110 volt welders are OK, but you have to have the best one you can buy, and they are only as effective as the curcuit they are plugged into. a 15 amp residential (14 guage wired) home or garage circuit will choke it down to nothing, as will a cheap extention cord. take it from me.....I'm an electrician. :D you have to have it plugged into a kitchen circuit or your washing machine outlet. might as well get a 220 welder and run a circuit.

Hobart 500525A Factory Reconditioned A-Stock 187 Mig Welder -
Cool, thanks for the update. I too am a electrician. I just don't have the time to start another project on my own. I run my own business and I love my free time for racing RC cars.

So, I may just see if I can solicit some help. Cool looking Mig Welder though.

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