Buena Vista Weekend

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Sep 8, 2005
Colorado Springs CO
Coming up in a month is the Annual Buena Vista Camping weekend.

The calendar shows:
7/25-26Buena Vista Weekend
  • 6:30/7:00 Fri Night @ West
  • 7:00/7:30Sat/Sun @ West
  • 9/9:30 Sat/Sun @ Gunsmoke in Johnsons Village

We all gather in Buena Vista for the weekend. There are soft beds and baths for the luxury type of people that stay in motels. There are soft beds and cold showers for the RV crowd. I go for the old rock in the back and wash out of a bucket as I stay in a tent.

The trails range from fire roads to hard core. Last year we ran Iron chest and BV Carnage on the difficult end. The easy end is the road to St. Elmo that you could run in your Prius (it's a Toyota at least). Others went to MT.Antero and Pomeroy lake. There are many other trails in the vicinity to choose from.

The location we were at last year catered to tents and RVs. It was in a field in the National Forest next to a lighty traveled road. Others stayed at the RV park in Nathrop.

Please post up your desires for trails and camping features.
Bumper Dumper '09!!!!!

(If you don't get that joke, you need to come to more meetings, lol)

I will definitely be at the BV campout this year, missed it last year when the 4runner rolled over on me.

Me and my family are also tent campers, but will probably skip the bucket wash method in favor of the monkey bath with baby wipes method. :)

Always a little concerned about the bathroom situation when the wife is present, urination is always an open door jam away when you are a guy, but an open field with little tree cover sounds tricky for the girls. Is there a vault toilet or something close by?

Been looking forward to this campout, bring on camping season!!!
I will have my old RV to stay in which has hot water and some bathroom capacity.

The refrigerator works so it will have some capacity for adult beverages along with the mike and juice for the kids. Maybe I should test the refrigerator before posting this because it worked last year but has not been tested yet this year. Same goes for the bathroom and hot water heater? I think I better start working on the 1978 motor home.
Chuck, how are you going to get the RV and pretty penny out to buena vista at the same time? can the motor home trailer your rig? or does the land cruiser trailer the motor home? lol 1978?! holy crap--funny, I was born in 1976, ha ha!
A few years ago the RV could trailer the 60 but the 460 V8 is a little tired now. Since I use the RV around Buena Vista I store it there for the summer so it will be close by. $30 a month to store it, I can't drive it back and forth for $30.
The RV may have slowed down a little but I am guessing Luke isn't as fast as he used to be either.
I am just feeling old:frown: And I am DEFINITELY not as fast as I yusta was!

I am planning on attending this run also! Talked to the wife and she is a definite maybe, possibly, but probably not. If she comes with I will have the trailer or the camper, if not then its under the stars for me!
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lol, I have definitely slowed down the last five years..........believe it or not, I was pretty skinny before I got married......
dun slowed down...

you guys don't even know what slowed down means...

ya gotta drive a F motor FJ40 with armstrong power steering - then you'll start to understand slowing down. And it doesn't help with your life recording odometer going up a click every year. Of course that does beat the alternative by a bunch!!!

CHP interviews and winning the prize doesn't help either... :eek:

Crusin' Colorado editor
The problem with the vault toilets is they attract other campers. I don't know the area that well. If anyone has a better place in mind, please suggest it. In the past the women were graciously invited to use the RV facilities. I appreciate it guys. While the guys were on their own to find a large enough tree to preserve the rest of the camp from embarrasment. Adult beverages are allowed in camp after the driving is done. Moderation is expected since it is a family atmosphere. You wouldn't want to end up reposed on the ground halfway to your tent and wake up in the morning with FJ relieving himself on your body (No offense FJ). In the past, some dogs were performing lookout duties on their owners rigs and caused no problem since they were well behaved. I am personally leaving mine home.
CHCA is racing that wekend up by the tunnels, so since we are not racing, we shall wheel one day and pit for my buddy the other day!

By the way, are adult beverages allowed in the club camping area? :D
Encouraged, bring some to share :cheers:

I was born in 1976, ha ha!

My Cruiser was Born in 76, Im an 80's kid myself :flipoff2:

I thought that last years spot was ok, Same with the Chinamans Entrance spot.. but im up for exploring better spots. ill be in a tent! This is a great trip!

I promised my son a full year of baseball. He has games that weekene. I need to pass the torch to someone else. I will help with as many details as possible.

Please post a note if you expect to be camping.

I thought that the spot last year was more private that the Chinamans entrance camp.

I would reccomend it as the nobrainer spot for this year.

David M
Eight days until the Buena Vista weekend if you are planning on camping Friday night anyway.

Lonnie will joining us with his Jeep.

What trails on what days does everyone want to run?

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