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I have a set(not Bud Built)of 3/16" thick quarters.I cut the old out and welded the new in.I cut just below the lip for the hard top.About a half inch or so below that is where the stock quarter is spot welded.Pop the spot welds off.I drilled holes in the new 3/16" quaters and plug welded that area.The rest was seam welded.I`ll try and find a pic for you.

I cut the quarters out and welded the budbuilt panels back in. I spoke with Bud for awhile when I bought mine and most people pop rivet them on. The panels fit very well and are ultra sturdy once the welding is complete.
set the panels over the old ones to draw the line where you need to cut the old ones. drill spot welds. then pretty much weld it back up. brace the body just in case.

couple photos where you can see them:


I removed the sheet metal as it was rust anyway.


More pictures in my build thread in my signature.

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