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Jun 30, 2004
newport RI
Ok I probable should have left the lv brakes alone but I am too far down the upgrade path to stop now. anyway I have installed the rear disks and have stainless braided lines from the calipers to the 'T'. now because the lv is of such a vintage it has 9mm fittings and my new lines are 10mm . thats ok it makes sense to upgrade everything to 10mm front and rear. I don't like how the early fj4x's are plummed anyway with the lines going around on the top of the frame under the radiator.
anyway so I plan to replace it all or most of it. on the rear brakes I need to get a new 10mm 'T' and everything forward of the T. can I use another stainless flex hose to a hard line forward or should I use a rubber one ?
next the below illustration showes everything that gets replaced by the braided lines. then it showes a T and soft then hard lines to the MC. looking thorugh the SOR web site each year seems to be a different setup. obviously the early years is not what I want and I heard that it switches to 10mm fitings around 71? but which years after that would be the optimal set up for my 4wdb? I am running a brake booster and plan a 90's fj80 MC.

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