Brake fluid level in reservoir

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Apr 4, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
Earlier in the week we did the master cylinder rebuild kit to resolve the sticking brake pedal problem that so many post about. When done, we filled the fluid reservoir and did a full bleed all the way around (with the ignition in the on position). Got a good bit of air out and bled a few times once we got steady streams.

I've been noticing this week, however, that the level in the reservoir seems to rise and lower by about 3/4" or so. :confused:

After sitting all night, the fluid level rises above the Max line about 3/4" - after starting the engine the fluid slowly goes down to just a bit below the Max line. The braking works great, feels brand new all week now with just over 100 miles since the work was done.

I never noticed this behavior before, is this normal? Can others maybe observe and chime-in?

I'm wondering if there may still be some air in the system somewhere, or ???


The same day I bought my 98 LC I took it strait to a shop to have all the fluids changed out, including the brake flush at each corner.

The tech told me that this (level in the reservoir seems to rise and lower by about 3/4" or so) is normal because of the primer pump solenoid. The tech had a hell of a time to get the reservoir sealed properly over the o'rings though.

A friend of a friend at Toyota dealer when I bought my previous LC. He warned me that it is very important to flush this b system out every year or it can be very costly.

My b fluid has been doing this some times, I remember that I see it low one time when filling up fuel tank and back to normal or slightly above the mark, I keep an egale eye on it.. as with the oil just to be sure all is well.
The fluid is to be checked with ign off, and after depressing the pedal fully 30 times. When the booster pump has charged the booster accumulator fully, the level will be lower than the max mark.

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