Brake controller mounting '08 tundra sr5

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Jun 19, 2018
Seattle, Wa USA
Hello. It seems like this little cubby could be a good place for a brake controller. I hate the thing being way down by my right knee where I can't see it. Has anyone done this, or taken this panel off and know what sort of room is behind/around it?
I am open to some Dremel work as needed.
mine's a bench so a little different, but that's where i put mine
Nice. I really want to get back into a tekonsha Prodigy. I had one in my 1st gen Tundra, and it was a pretty faultless brake controller.
Current one is a journey HD and it won't even hold settings for a whole day.
I want to say there’s a decent thread on Tundratalk about putting the Teckonsha in either that cubby or in the kneepanel for the >’14 dashes restyle.

There’s a harness for it & everything IIRC - but I never find it when I try on their search there’s a guy - Victor , Viktor - who’s done a ton of mods & has a job in a dealer in Canada.
Just curious, did you get the controller installed there, and what did you find?

I just got a Gen2 Sequoia to tow my little camper and retired by 80 to offroad activities, I've got the same cubby as your picture and was planning to install there, too.

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