brake bleeding

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Jul 14, 2013
Castle Rock, CO
Is it really as complicated as it seems in the FSM?

If I'm not using the "Toyota hand-held tester" is it the same as bleeding any other car?

I suppose the hand held tester allows the process to become an easy one-man job by using pressure in the MC?
No, there is a way to do it without the computer tool. Search around here, there is a pump the pedal method but it's not the same as a standard system.

It is also recommended to activate the ABS several times before bleeding to get fresh fluid moving in those channels. I like to scavenge what I can from the reservoir with a vacuum pump and replace with fresh, then go out and activate the ABS a few times, then Bleed, then activate and bleed again.
This gets you pretty close to 99% new fluid in the system and you get to have some fun doing it. Just find a gravel parking area and go nuts.
Yeah, that's the one, thanks for finding it again, I subscribed...

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